A new way to cash pay

Click here for instructions on how to take advantage of our new cash pay option!

FreeState is excited to partner with VanillaDirect Pay to provide our members with a safe, convenient, and secure service that lets you pay your FreeState electric bill with cash at a variety of retailers.

Pay Your FreeState Bill
When you are ready to make a payment at a retailer you will need to bring two things:

  1. Your barcode for each bill you want to pay.  You can find the FreeState barcode on your monthly paper bill or SmartHub.
  2. The amount of cash you wish to pay (plus any fee, if applicable) 

How do you know your payment has been posted?
You can check your bill payment status on your SmartHub account or by calling the FreeState office. Payments should post within a few moments.

If for some reason your payment does not post, you may have selected the incorrect biller or input the incorrect account number. If this happens, VanillaDirect may attempt to contact you to help troubleshoot the issue (using the details you provided when you created your VanillaDirect Pay account) after FreeState notifies VanillaDirect the payment is rejected. You can also feel free to contact the VanillaDirect customer service number 844-661-0115.

Please Note

  • Members will be accessed a $1.50 convenience fee. 
  • You can pay up to a maximum of $500 for a single payment.
  • You do not need to pay the entire bill at one time. You can tell the cashier the amount you wish to pay towards your bill.
  • Each time you need to make a payment you will need a new barcode. 
  • The VanillaDirect Pay app and the site automatically store your receipt information under your billing history. You can also save the paper receipts you receive at the register for backup information.
  • VanillaDirect will confirm account information at the time of the transaction. 
  • Successful payments will post to your FreeState account in minutes. 
  • PowerPay participants will have a minimum payment of $21.50.
  • The retailer and VanillaDirect representatives are simply providing convenience for members. They are not employees of FreeState and will not know what specific terms are. If you have questions about your FreeState account, please contact FreeState.