FreeState Electric Cooperative offers a billing program designed to help members spread the cost of energy consumption with consistent monthly payments. Budget Billing will aid in preventing unexpected high bills during peak seasons. 

Any residential member in good standing, who has at least 12 months of usage history, with consistent on-time payments, is eligible to enroll in the program. 

Upon program enrollment, the co-op will establish your monthly Budget Billing amount by averaging your billing history over the most recent 12 months of usage.

Each monthly bill will also display the actual current charges during that billing cycle (C). Your actual current charges may be more or less than your Budget Billing amount due. 

The Budget Billing program is adjusted quarterly. The bills that generate in January, April, July, and October will reflect the average of the most recent 12 months of usage.

To remain in the Budget Billing program, members must have no more than two late payments within a 12-month period.

If the member’s account becomes inactive or the Budget Billing Program is terminated, the member is responsible for paying the Total Account Balance owed.

Contact us at 800-794-1989 or email to find out if you qualify. 

Budget Billing Sample