FreeState Electric Cooperative provides and installs a meter base for our members seeking new service. The meter base provided will either be a meter loop installed on a pole or a meter pedestal for locations served from a pad-mounted transformer. FreeState will install, own, and maintain this meter base.

The type of meter installation and location will be determined and agreed upon during a new construction meeting held between a FreeState Representative and the member seeking new service. The location will be determined by maintaining a recommended distance of 150’ of total combined secondary/service conductor from the transformer location to the service entrance of the primary structure in need of service. 

The cost of installing the meter base will be included in the overall construction cost presented to the member.

Any wire or service components installed past the metering location will be the responsibility of the member. This will include but not be limited to all trenching, conduit, conductors, and connect from the metering location. 

FreeState New Build Process

Verification Process

The new build process starts with a simple phone call to our office. A member account coordinator (MAC) will work with you through the entire process. The MAC will be a point of contact for the process, will verify your address and assist in getting your information.

If you'd like to expedite the process, download our new build form and bring it into the office or email it.

A $250 application fee is due with a new construction application. A site visit will not be scheduled until the fee is paid in full.

The new build application process will be guided by a FreeState member account coordinator. Please keep in mind that process time for applications can take 2 to 3 business days, and it may take longer to be invoiced for payment. 

The MAC team will assist you in any way they can, but during the busiest seasons, it could take longer to process your information. 

To help expedite the process, please feel free to download and fill out the new build application. You can bring it into the office with you or email it. 

Policy Review

During the policy review stage of the process, the FreeState MAC team will communicate with members regarding the Aid in Construction policies of the cooperative. All paperwork and applications will need to be completed in this stage, and a credit check will be run to determine if a deposit is needed before moving to the next step.

Engineering and Staking

Once all paperwork is gathered, the MAC will process the Right-of-Way Easement. A staking engineer will visit with the builder or property owner and begin the process of determining what materials will be needed and how the project will be completed. Once the staking engineer has determined the scope of the project an invoice will be generated.

The invoice (cost) is valid for 60 days.

Disturbing or moving stakes, flags, or other markers could require another visit to redo staking. This could result in additional cost, as well as a project delay.

Payment and Scheduling

Prior to any work beginning, FreeState will need the following items:

  • Paid Invoice
  • Signed Membership Application
  • Signed and Notarized Easement
  • KCC Approval (if applicable)
  • Notification of any property clearing the property owner was to complete. 
  • Notification of any trenching needed. 

Once all items are gathered the project will be sent to acquire material. 

Construction scheduling delays can be caused by certain circumstances such as:

  • Adverse weather conditions.
  • Ground conditions after weather events such as ice, rain, or snow.
  • Peak construction season.


Invoice payments can be made online, in-person, or via mail. 

Invoice payments can be made at either FreeState office in person or dropped into the payment dropbox located outside each office.

Pay Online

Payments can be remitted to: 
FreeState Electric Cooperative
PO Box 70
McLouth, KS 66054