What is the cooperative difference? It is local. It is trusted. It is member driven. Cooperatives take an approach that focuses on trust, community and service.



You own your cooperative. You vote, and cooperative management works for you.

Speaking of management. It’s local. As a cooperative FreeState is not governed by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). We’re governed by nine members who are elected by members like you to represent them in the board room to make decisions that impact everyone – even those making the decisions.

The cooperative difference is really you! Your membership matters. That’s why it is important to engage with the cooperative and learn about initiatives and decisions being made on your behalf. And as a cooperative, it is our duty to educate and be transparent and accountable to members.

One of the most recognized differences between a utility cooperative and an investor-owned utility is capital credits (patronage). Each year if the financial health of the cooperative allows, the trustees make the decision to retire capital credits, which is money given back to the members – just for paying their electric bills. It’s returning a part of your investment back to you because cooperatives are not-for-profit. That means our goal isn’t to get rich. It’s serving our members.

Principles, seven of them, guide us and the decisions we make daily. Every employee at FreeState takes them seriously because we’re not just your power provider. We are your trusted energy partner. We power your community, and we are your neighbors and friends. We work to empower communities and enhance our lives.

Powerful Connections

FreeState employees support local causes in various ways, and not just at work! Our employees serve their communities in a variety of ways, but when we come together, we make a difference. The commitment to our communities is a big part of why we choose to work at FreeState. We are proud to contribute to improving the quality of life for our friends, families, and neighbors.

The advantage is the difference. Living and working alongside those we serve. It’s the cooperative difference.

Membership Matters

You don’t get to choose who provides your energy service. FreeState is a not-for-profit electric cooperative owned by you and your fellow members. The difference is that every home or business powered by FreeState owns a portion of the utility. You are a member and a consumer, not just a customer.

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What makes a cooperative unique?

  • Reliable, affordable electricity
  • Not-for-profit entity

  • Local governance and management

  • Helping members save money

  • Supports and empowers community life

  • Capital credits

  • Energy efficiency education and programs

  • Member-driven

  • Responsive

  • Support renewable energy

  • Transparent

  • Accountable