medicalPower makes life more comfortable, but for some, it’s a necessity. FreeState Electric Cooperative understands that some residences have life-sustaining medical equipment that requires energy at all times. It is our commitment to provide you service, but it is impossible for us to guarantee uninterrupted power at all times. 

There are times that events – sometimes beyond the cooperative’s control – cause power outages. 

If your health or well-being depends on the equipment that requires electricity, please contact us. We will do our best, in the event of an outage, to get power restored as quickly and safely as possible. 

FreeState does keep a record of residential service locations where life-sustaining electrical equipment is used. When planned outages or services interruptions for nonpayment are scheduled, we will attempt to communicate notice in advance so preparations can be made to be without power. 

Medical Necessity Notification DOES NOT guarantee priority service restoration, and member accounts with this designation are not exempt from planned interruptions. These designated accounts are also not exempt from their financial responsibilities or termination of service by FreeState policies. 

Notifying FreeState of your situation does not guarantee uninterrupted electric service, nor does it ensure immediate attention to your service should the area experience a power outage. 

It does alert us to the situation. Letting us know your specific needs allows FreeState to communicate promptly with you. 

Once you contact us and alert us of your situation, FreeState will designate your account as a Medical Necessity. You need to contact us so that FreeState can be aware of your condition, and in the event of a scheduled disconnection, we can make every effort to contact you so alternative arrangements can be made.

In addition to contacting the cooperative, we also offer these additional suggestions for your safety and strongly encourage you to implement them:

  • Obtain a backup source of power recommended by the manufacturer of any life-sustaining or critical care equipment you may have in your home. For example, battery back-ups or standby generators can provide you with electric power if service from the cooperative is interrupted. 

  • Have a plan. Talk to relatives or friends and have backup places you can go in the event of a significant power outage.

You are important to us. Please call our office at 1-800-794-1989 to notify FreeState of any medical necessity needs.