Governance responsibilities of the FreeState Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees are significant.  

This means the nominating committee must bring a high level of competency to the job. Each member of the committee should possess the capabilities to exercise leadership, teamwork, and sound judgement on difficult or complex matters. Committee members must have core knowledge of the cooperative principles, core values, mission, and vision. They must also have the ability to review and discuss applications of potential trustees with professionalism, and confidentiality.

Finding talented and committed members to govern the cooperative is an important task. This process serves to recruit and maintain quality candidates well into the future for the leadership of the cooperative.  

Member-owners of FreeState have the democratic right to elect their governing body, so it is vital that the nominating committee provide qualified candidates that meet the standards of FreeState. The nominating committee will serve as a guide on distinguishing who will be slated on the ballot presented to the members of the cooperative, who will vote for their representation. The committee serves the purpose to maintain the candidate review process be not only fair, but transparent. They will determine whether a candidate can represent and serve member-owners of the cooperative.  

The nominating committee is responsible for determining the slate for member elections. The committee members determine qualifications and review potential candidates with other members of the committee. It is the goal of the committee to bring qualified applicants for board openings to the meeting so that the best candidates can be presented to the membership for the vote.