FreeState Electric Cooperative is happy to support local schools and organizations with local community events and school programs and projects.

In 2024, the cooperative launched "Donation Dollars" which is a program that provides local sponsorships and donations to organizations, programs, and projects that meet the mission, vision, and values of the cooperative. 

Applications must be submitted via this digital form. Paper forms will not be accepted.

Donations will not normally exceed $500.

The following factors will be considered in the evaluation of Donation Dollar requests:

  • Potential benefit to area residents and the entire community.
  • Level of community support for the program or project.
  • Level of impact for FreeState members.
  • Geographical location and impact.
  • Results are predictable and can be evaluated.

Contributions will not be made for:

  • Individuals or events that are specific to an individual.
  • Lobbying, political organizations, or highly sensitive/controversial events.
  • Fraternal and labor organizations
  • Capital fund campaigns.
  • National fund drives.
  • Ongoing operational expenses.
  • Private organizations or events that are exclusive.

The cooperative evaluates applications on the alignment of the cooperative's mission, vision, and values. Donation Dollars are subject to board approval.