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Trustees are an integral part of our co-op as they have a fiduciary duty to shareholders and set policies. Each year, members elect new trustees and it is time to again begin the election process.  

FreeState trustees work diligently with the best interests of all members in mind. The board recognizes the importance of a fair, balanced and transparent election process to ensure adequate representation for all. 

FreeState members who are interested in serving on the board of trustees can submit their names to be nominated for the election to the board. Trustees are elected to a three-year term. The following trustees are up for re-election at the annual meeting on April 25, 2023

West District – Larry Butel 

West District – Don Montgomery 

East District – Jeanine Murphy 

The nominating committee, made of members appointed by each of the trustees, will meet in early February. This committee will review the names submitted and present a slate of nominees to the membership at the FreeState annual meeting. You’ll see more information about this process as we near the annual meeting in April. 

What makes a good FreeState trustee? 
We seek those who have a sincere interest in preserving the strength of FreeState’s operations and maintaining a productive relationship with our members. We look for our trustees to maintain open lines of communication with the districts and members they serve. Trustees work together to ensure equitable treatment to all members across the system and strive to be knowledgeable about trends and circumstances that may affect the members and communities in FreeState’s service territory.  

Trustees are responsible for attending one monthly meeting, occurring on the fourth Wednesday of each month, typically held in Lawrence. 

Potential Trustees Must: 

  • Be a FreeState member. 

  • Have a bona fide residence in the district with an opening.

Potential Trustees Cannot

  • Be employed by or have a financial interest in an enterprise selling electric energy or services. 

  • Be employed by or have a financial interest in a business that sells services or supplies to FreeState. 

  • Be a current FreeState employee or have been an employee within the past three years. 

  • Be a close relative of a current FreeState trustee or employee. 

  • Have entered a plea of guilty or no contest or have been adjudged as guilty of a felony crime. 

If you are interested in seeking a position on the board, please contact 800-794-1989 or visit to download an application. Applications are due on Friday, Feb. 3, at 4 p.m.