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Karol Lohman, Leavenworth, recently earned the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) distinction from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) as a trustee representing FreeState Electric Cooperative.    

An ever-changing business environment has imposed new demands on electric cooperative trustees, requiring increased knowledge of changes in the electric utility business, new governance skills, and a solid knowledge of the cooperative principles and business model. FreeState has a commitment to work through both Kansas Electric Cooperatives (KEC) and NRECA to sharpen this body of knowledge for the benefit of the cooperative and the member-owners of FreeState.  

The NRECA CCD Program required attendance and demonstrated understanding of the basic competencies contained in five core courses:  

  • Director Duties and Liabilities 

  • Understanding the Electric Business 

  • Board Operations and Process 

  • Strategic Planning  

  • Financial Decision Making 

FreeState Board President Jeanine Murphy, a Director Gold Credentialed trustee, said that learning is one of the keys to making the board effective and efficient.  

“We represent all FreeState members in the board room each month,” said Murphy. “We take the commitment to members seriously, and each of us works hard to learn as much as we can on how we can better serve our members.” 

“Earning this credential is an important step for Karol’s service to the board, and we commend her for completing this certification,” added Murphy.  

Lohman, FreeState’s newest trustee, was elected to the board in April 2021. Karol Lohman (Left) poses with her NRECA distinction with FreeState Board President Jeanine Murphy (Right).