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Inspired & Elevated Leadership

Cooperative Youth Tour is an opportunity to take part in a program that promotes life skills that today’s generation value, including building relationships, developing leadership skills and preparing them for what’s next, is exactly what FreeState wants to accomplish for these delegates.

Two Tonganoxie students attended the 59th Annual Electric Cooperative Youth Tour June 13-20 with more than 1,800 peers from across the nation.

Commitment to Zero Contacts 

FreeState Electric Cooperative recently joined NRECA’s Commitment to Zero Contacts initiative launched in April 2018 to combat an alarming rate of serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) among co-op lineworkers. A nationwide survey of 51,000 co-op employees conducted annually between 2006 and 2015 found an average of more than 23 SIFs each year.

FreeState also adopted the use of a job site safety briefing app developed for the program by Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange.