Planting Trees

Tree placement can cause problems for electric lines. Members can help by considering where to plant new trees. The right trees in the right places help reduce the need to clear right-of-ways. Before selecting and planting a tree, remember to look up to determine where the tree will be located in relation to over-head and underground utility lines. If you would like to discuss options with our clearance team, they are happy to assist you in selecting trees that are power line friendly. Contact our office to speak to Right-of-Way Superintendent, Randy Wager at 1-800-794-1989. 

Here are some considerations:

• When landscaping near right-of-way areas, choose low-growth shrubs.

• Smaller trees can be planted on right-of-way edges, 10 feet from power lines.

• Medium trees need to be planted at least 35 feet away from lines.

• Large trees need to be planted at least 45 feet away from overhead lines.

• Trees planted too close to the lines will always be misshapen by unavoidable pruning of limbs to prevent interference with lines.

Remember, you are required to call Kansas One Call at 811 or visit before beginning any digging project on your property to identify any underground utility lines.