Mia Bond - 2017 Camper

Mia Bond - 2017 Camper

Bond (far left, second row)

Going into my CYLC experience, I was very unsure as what to expect. I have never had a great experience with summer camps and this camp was longer than most. Fortunately, my fears were settled and this camp proved to be an inspiring experience.

Two of my favorite experiences from the week were the white water rafting and snorkeling as stingrays swam across my stomach and fish swarmed around my legs. The only hard part was trying to remember that I was wearing a snorkel— I learned very quickly I couldn’t go under water.

Other experiences I enjoyed were visiting the Craig power plant and Trapper Mine. The power plant tour was fascinating as we got to stand at the very top of the building and see the cycle coal goes through to become a fuel. Then, at Trapper Mine we got a tour of the mining land and on top of Molly Brown, one of the three mining machines they use.

Throughout the rest of the week, we participated in many activities over Touch Stone Energy including creating commercials promoting Touch Stone Energy and making small structures showing the cycle of electricity through the way it is distributed and how it starts. The most unforgettable moment, however, was when the Counselors spoke to us about their jobs. Most began crying because they love going to work every day and that being a part of a Cooperative is like having another family. This inspired me to look into other careers like this and not be so close minded.

I am so lucky to have been chosen to represent FreeState this summer and I will never forget the leadership skills I learned, new friendships I made and all the great memories.