Megan Ernzen - 2017 Camper

Ernzen, on top of the pyramid.

My trip to Steamboat Springs was life-changing— filled with memories and new friends I will never forget. My favorite part of the trip was not only enjoying activities such as rafting and exploring the coal mine, but being able to experience new things with new people outside my comfort zone. By being elected to the Board of Directors at camp I was able to expand my knowledge as to how cooperatives function as well as how how electricity works by touring the Craig Power Plant and the Trapper Coal mine.

While we got an inside look into how cooperatives worked, we were given opportunities to build upon our leadership skills through experiences such as a three-hour leadership seminar in which we practiced team building exercises and discussed how we each lead in our own way. The message that has stuck with me from that seminar is, “Being humble is not about thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” This is what I believe leadership is all about.

In another presentation, we were told about the different career positions available within cooperatives. It was in this presentation I realized the love and support each employee has for one another in a cooperative. Their heart for people and communities were also shown as we learned of the electric cooperative program in which linemen are sent to numerous third world countries to provide them with electricity, something they have never experienced before.

From this experience I gained a family— friendships that will last forever. I gained more knowledge as to who I am as an individual and leader. My CYLC experience has given me a new perspective on cooperatives and leadership while connecting with people from many miles away. I cannot thank my cooperative enough for allowing me this amazing opportunity.