Jefferson County Archery

Jefferson County Archery

Front Row (L to R) Coly Gier, Prosperity; Jayden Herrman, Prosperity; Landon Hellman, Crackerjacks; Lexie Welsh, Valley Victors; Katie Gier, Prosperity; Hunter Miller, Jolly Juniors; Isaac Hays, Lucky Four; Rose Rousselo, Crackerjacks

Back Row (L to R) Wyatt Thayer, Jolly Juniors; Zoey Reinke, Prosperity; Eddie Dinger, Prosperity; Wyatt Barnett, Valley Victors; Caden Hellman, Crackerjacks; George Meyer, Lucky Four; Veronica Lyon, Jolly Juniors; Preston Feuerborn, Clover Power 

Editors note: Not all team members are pictured


The inside of the trailer is able to hold practice and competition equipment. The ability to keep items well-maintained means they'll last longer, and also teaches students responsibility when handling the equipment. The trailer is pulled to meets. 


Archery leader, C.J. Bunce (right) instructs Lexie Welsh (foreground) and her mother, Dianna. Bunce was a former 4-H archery participant who wanted to continue teaching and giving back to interested youth in the county.